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#MockTwo Draft Results

Draft grades courtesy of Evan Silva (Sr. NFL Editor of rotoworld.com)
The Giants were calculated assassins on draft weekend. Dropping ten spots, out of pick No. 32, allowed the G-Men to secure a top-25 overall talent while moving up 23 slots in round three and netting an additional sixth-rounder. Fleener isn't much of a blocker, but he'll take over as New York's primary inside target. Victor Cruz will spend more time outside, where he is most effective.

The rest of the haul was typical of GM Jerry Reese: Talented potential difference makers without neglecting value. Robinson will be brought along as a project behind Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas, and Prince Amukamara. Brooks is behemoth guard. Taylor lays wood and runs down kicks on special teams. Mosley has long-term potential as a starting right tackle. Moss is a height-weight-speed freak. Hicks is a massive young nose. Bolden adds competition at running back.

The Giants get an A-, falling short of an A or A+ because they could have drafted a better back in the second or third round. But this was certainly a quality class. The champs aren't going away.
Grade: A-

General Manager: @Bigbluebloggers

2.1042Coby Fleener, TE
from Stanford
I went back and forth on this pick because there are a couple of other players I have graded out around the same as Fleener still on the board, but after his impressive Pro Day today (our TE coach Mike Pope was in attendance) where he posted a 4.45 forty, at 6'6 247lbs that is just too freakish to pass up. Yes, we just signed Martellus Bennett, but the contract is only a year and this league is evolving more and more around dynamic tight ends. I think we can make find a place for both of them in our offense. Fleener also gives us another weapon to replace the loss of Mario Manningham. I'm also pretty excited I was able to grab one of the main targets I had before I traded down out of the 32nd pick.
2.3264Josh Robinson, CB
from Central Florida
I had three targets here Silatolu, Markelle Martin, and Josh Robinson. With the first two being scooped up right before my pick, it makes my decision fairly easy. Robinson brings some much needed speed to our secondary and can also contribute on special teams. He's raw, but with the return of Terrell Thomas and the hopeful emergence of last year's first round pick, Prince Amukamara, he shouldn't be asked to contribute too much too quickly.
3.0973Brandon Brooks, OG
from Miami (OH)
PFF ranked the Giants' offensive line 31st in the league (24th rushing and 32nd pass prot). As someone who watched every second of every Giants' game this year, those rankings were generous. The offensive line was downright awful all year (which makes Eli's accomplishment's even more impressive). Brandon Brooks will go a huge way in solving that problem. I think he's a steal in this spot and he is an instant upgrade over David Diehl, Kevin Boothe, and Mitch Petrus. Giants' offensive line coach, Pat Flaherty, will do wonders with this kid.
4.32127Brandon Taylor, S
from L.S.U.
The Giants probably aren't bringing back the aging Deon Grant next year, and Brandon Taylor should be able to fit right in his role as the third safety in nickel formations that Perry Fewell utilized often.
5.32159Brandon Mosley, OT
from Auburn
With McKenzie gone at RT, the Giants will have a need there. Mosley will probably need some seasoning first, but offensive line coach Pat Flaherty is one of the best in the game and I think he can really get the most out of Mosley who is still raw, but with a ton of upside. BPA meets need with this selection for me.
6.27185Dale Moss, WR
from South Dakota St.
After his extremely impressive pro day performance, he's definitely worth a flyer with this extra 6th round selection I picked up from my trade earlier to move out of the first. He's still young and very raw, but has huge upside. He could potentially develop into a deep threat to replace the recently departed Mario Manningham.
6.32190Akiem Hicks, DT
from Regina
Very raw prospect who might have some character concerns, but at this point in the draft he's also somebody with some very nice upside. Shouldn't be asked to contribute early and can be given some time to develop.
7.32222Brandon Bolden, RB
from Ole Miss

Trade Details
2.10#MockTwo: from Dolphins for pick(s): 1.32,3.32
3.09#MockTwo: from Dolphins for pick(s): 1.32,3.32
6.27#MockTwo: from Dolphins for pick(s): 1.32,3.32