Houston Texans

On the clock: Baltimore Ravens, Pick: 7.32

General Manager: @docpay75

2.1142Tyler Eifert, TE
from Notre Dame
Owen Daniels has been Matt Schaub's security blanket. OD showed signs of age in addition to $4mil salary makes Eifert's youth and playmaking ability a smooth transition.
2.3060Manti Te'o, ILB
from Notre Dame
T'eo on field ability is proven and our locker room is solid enough to handle potential media circus. Paired with Brian Cushing, T'eo can bring instant plug And play to @sonofbum defense.
3.0264Matt Barkley, QB
from Southern California
This pick pressures SCHAUB and prepares team for the future. KUBIAK is a QB guru and can get the most of Barkley skills.
4.14108Chris Harper, WR
from Kansas State
Harper brings toughness over the middle and the type body style that Texans like. @lancezierlein got me to like Chris Harper and his ability to compete each play. Prob not WR1, but can keep other young WR hungry.
5.27153Kenny Stills, WR
from Oklahoma
6.30188Onterio McCalebb, RB
from Auburn

Trade Details
2.11#MockOne: from Dolphins for pick(s): 3.27,1.27
2.30#MockOne: from Falcons for pick(s): 2.27,7.27
3.02#MockOne: from Jaguars for pick(s): 3.20,4.27,6.27
4.14#MockOne: from Dolphins for pick(s): 3.27,1.27
6.30#MockOne: from Falcons for pick(s): 2.27,7.27