Pittsburgh Steelers

On the clock: Baltimore Ravens, Pick: 7.32

General Manager: @extrapointian

1.1717Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
from Tennessee
I'm so meh about this pick. I don't LOVE Cordarelle like I love Keenan Allen, but Cordarelle is the better fit for the Steelers and is the supposedly the better player.
2.3161Giovani Bernard, RB
from North Carolina
I didn't anticipate going offense back-to-back, but when value presents itself, you'd be stupid to look the other way. Gio is my top RB and will get the majority of the carries his rookie year.
3.1577Darius Slay, CB
from Mississippi State
Pick made by JaguarsBlog per wishes of ExtraPointIan
4.18112David Bakhtiari, OT
from Colorado
Still comfortable with the depth of players on defense... We expect to get another impact guy on that side of the ball. I like what Bakhtiari brings to the table. He's probably my favorite Left Tackle prospect that I don't have as a first round guy.
4.23117Brandon Jenkins, OLB
from Florida State
The fifth player selected from the top 100 and absolutely tremendous value in round 4. I considered him strongly at 2.24 because of the need at Outside Linebacker, but I was rewarded for my patience.
6.18176Zeke Motta, S
from Notre Dame
Should excel on Special Teams because of athleticism and physicality, but has a real chance to develop into a starter at Strong Safety.
7.17207Ty Powell, OLB
from Harding

Trade Details
2.31#MockOne: from 49ers for pick(s): 2.24
3.15#MockOne: from Dolphins for pick(s): 5.17,3.17,2.18
4.23#MockOne: from Vikings for pick(s): 5.13,6.12