Cincinnati Bengals

On the clock: Baltimore Ravens, Pick: 7.32

General Manager: @JoeGoodberry

1.2121Arthur Brown, OLB
from Kansas State
Arthur Brown is #5 overall on our board and we think he's the best 4-3 Linebacker in this draft. He'll play Weakside as we move Burfict into the middle. Brown's athleticism, coverage ability and aggressiveness towards the run sold us very early in the draft process. The Cincinnati Bengals couldn't be happier.
1.3030DeAndre Hopkins, WR
from Clemson
"Nuke" was our last 1st round graded player left on the board. We moved up for a 4th round pick to ensure that we got him. He came into the draft as our 12th ranked prospect and as the best WR in the draft. One of our main goals this offseason was to surround Andy Dalton with premium talents and Hopkins helps do that.
2.3262Bacarri Rambo, S
from Georgia
Rambo is our pick after trading back from 23 to 32 in round two. He's wasn't my highest rated player on the current board, but QB and WLB aren't needs and getting the last Tier One safety was too good to pass up. Rambo is a free safety with very good ball skills and range. It isn't common to find a safety with his ball-tracking ability in deep coverage. While he's not a great run defender yet, he's drastically improved this area of his game. He's an instant starter alongside Reggie Nelson.
3.2284Johnathan Franklin, RB
from UCLA
Johnathan Franklin is our 4th overall RB and not very far from the top three prospects. I compared him to LeSean McCoy in his report. Adding Franklin's speed and receiving ability offers the biggest upgrade to the Bengals offense this offseason. Not only can he make this offense more explosive, Franklin gives the Bengals another talented offensive playmaker to give defenses fits. I couldn't be happier with this pick. The Bengals almost traded up to get him at the top of round three.
4.32126Tyler Bray, QB
from Tennessee
One of our goals in this draft was to find a high upside development QB to groom and compete behind Andy Dalton. Tyler Bray has attitude and decision-making problems that would drive any coach crazy. He's been compared to Jay Cutler in that way. Also, because his physical talents will "wow" you for moments every game. Bray may end up a wasted pick, but getting a premium position with high upside was too good to pass up this late.
5.30156Joe Kruger, DE
from Utah
Kruger has the size and length the Bengals like at DE. He also has the bulk and strength to slide inside in nickel packages. He's a developmental player that needs help with feet and hands. I'd be lying if I said pedigree wasn't a factor with Kruger, but it's not the deciding factor. He was in our 4th round area and we like his upside; especially as a late 5th round pick.
6.27185Rick Wagner, OT
from Wisconsin
From the school of Wisconsin Offensive Lineman, Wagner is your typical pro-ready Lineman. He's not very athletic, but he's big, strong and sound in execution. I think he has Right Tackle upside and could be your swing tackle very early in his career.
7.06196Zac Stacy, RB
from Vanderbilt
Our biggest goal this offseason/draft was to alleviate pressure from Andy Dalton in the form of a legit running game. The entire RB depth chart needed to be rebuilt. After adding Johnathan Franklin in round 3, we starting looking towards the end of the draft for a thicker back. We're lucky to have a 4th round graded player still available in round 7 in Zac Stacy. He's a compact runner that would fit great in a zone blocking scheme. The gap between Stacy and Franklin isn't large and their future committee is already in effect for 2013. This is a huge upgrade for the Bengals.

Trade Details
2.05NFL: from Raiders for QB Carson Palmer

6.29NFL: from Patriots for WR Chad Ochocinco

1.30#MockOne: from Falcons for pick(s): 2.05,4.21,5.23
2.32#MockOne: from Ravens for pick(s): 2.23,6.29,6.22
4.32#MockOne: from Ravens for pick(s): 2.23,6.29,6.22
5.30#MockOne: from Falcons for pick(s): 2.05,4.21,5.23
6.27#MockOne: from Browns for pick(s): 5.32 from Jaguars for pick(s): 4.19 from Texans for pick(s): 3.02
7.06#MockOne: from Browns for pick(s): 5.32