St. Louis Rams

On the clock: Baltimore Ravens, Pick: 7.32

General Manager: @TheFFGhost

1.1616Lane Johnson, OT
from Oklahoma
It's no secret, the Rams offensive line really needs help. In Johnson we have a young solid piece to build around while protecting Bradford from further punishment. With Vaccaro and Warmack off the board this pick was a no-brainer. We entertained some trade offers but ultimately passing on Johnson was a dangerous proposition.
1.2222Alec Ogletree, OLB
from Georgia
Ogletree is really going to solidify our LB corps and will be an immediate plug and play. The arrest does worry us a little bit but Fisher has dealt with this stuff before and we have no doubt he'll get Ogletree's head on straight. We consider this pick an absolute steal and this will make our young defense just that much more scary.
2.1646Eddie Lacy, RB
from Alabama
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3.2183Jordan Reed, TE
from Florida
Went back and fourth between Reed and Escobar here but the Jags made it easy for us taking Escobar right before us. Kendricks is OK but we need a true Joker style type of tight end. Reed is almost identical to Aaron Hernandez and who wouldn't want Hernandez. As a product of Florida he even was coached by the same coaches Hernandez was and it shows. Oh, guess what, Hernandez himself is training with in the lead-up to the draft. Bradford is going to love this weapon!
4.16110Aaron Mellette, WR
from Elon
Mellette will be our second small school wide receiver drafted in as many years but everything about his game is special. He has great hands and catches almost everything thrown his way and catches the ball away from his body. He's a tall prospect measuring over 6'-3" which he uses to go up and get the ball over almost any defender. He's a fluid receiver who makes the position look effortless to play and is very tough to bring down at first contact. He will make a great deep threat from Bradford.
5.16142T.J. McDonald, S
from Southern California
Safety is a huge need for us and McDonalds skill set is such that we can plug him in immediately. We are doing backflips over the fact that one of our top five ranked safeties coming into the draft is still here for us this late!
5.22148Duke Williams, S
from Nevada
I knew in the fifth I'd be going back to back safeties but I never thought I'd get both McDonald and Williams. I figure the Rams can have some battles during training camp to see where each fits best but the versatility that each have will also be assets to the Rams. Williams is about as quick as they come at safety and has great instincts.
6.16174Hugh Thornton, OG
from Illinois
Thorton will help solidify our line, especially the interior. Between him and Lane Johnson we just got bigger, stronger and better. Thorton and Johnson will be opening up holes for Lacy for years to come. Watch our NFC West!
7.16206J.C. Tretter, OG
from Cornell

Trade Details
1.22NFL: from Redskins for QB Robert Griffin
2012 Draft Trade
3.21#MockOne: from Vikings for pick(s): 3.16
5.22#MockOne: from Vikings for pick(s): 3.16