Washington Redskins

On the clock: Baltimore Ravens, Pick: 7.32

General Manager: @Steveospeak

2.2151Eric Reid, S
from LSU
3.2385Barrett Jones, C
from Alabama
Jones is one of my favorite players in this draft, as he's a football player first and foremost. The Redskins should easily find a spot on their line for him, either at LG or RT to start. A more natural RT was considered, as were some DB's and TE's, but the value here was too much to pass up.
4.22116David Quessenberry, OT
from San Jose State
This was the toughest decision so far, but RT is a big need for Washington, and Barrett Jones will probably play inside. Quessenberry is another super utility offensive lineman who can start early in his career. Protecting RGIII has to be the number one priority of this team.
5.21147John Simon, OLB
from Ohio State
The Redskins defense collapsed when Brian Orakpo went down last season and they couldn't get after the quarterback. While he should be back 100%, when there is a tremendous value here like Simon this is a no brainer. Washington will need to find ways to get Orakpo, Kerrigan and Simon all on the field together, but when they do opposing quarterbacks will be very concerned. Other greater needs persist, but the value here plus the importance of the pass rush is too hard to pass up.
5.29155Kenjon Barner, RB
from Oregon
It is essentially a guarantee that Mike Shanahan will draft a late round running back and Barner is an excellent fit here. He'd be a great complement to Morris and Griffin in that read-option and help out quite a bit in the return game. There are serious questions surrounding Roy Helu Jr. and Evan Royster, so the depth is definitely needed. Other positions drew consideration, but this is a great value pick that helps fill some multiple roles.
6.23181Michael Williams, TE
from Alabama
The Redskins currently only have one TE under contract, and that is former WR Niles Paul, who is more of a Special Teamer. Williams may never be a top starter, but he should do well with the Redskins. Last year the Redskins ran the ball 53% of the time, and threw deep the least in the NFL. Adding a TE who is a great blocker, and can create size mismatches in the short area makes him a good fit. Williams along with the OL additions will make both Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin's lives that much easier, which conversely makes opposing defensive coordinators lives that much harder.
7.22212Micah Hyde, CB
from Iowa
Corner is a major need for the Skins, and Hyde was a guy that I was considering strongly in the 6th round. He has some potential to develop into a starter and should at least be a solid back-up.

Trade Details
5.29NFL: from Patriots for DT Albert Haynesworth