Kansas City Chiefs

On the clock: Baltimore Ravens, Pick: 7.32

General Manager: @JinxAllessio

1.011Geno Smith, QB
from West Virginia
The Chiefs have a crater on their roster at QB. Other needs could have been addressed yet none would have addressed the greatest need. Genome is a franchise QB. Will be the face of the organization for years to come.
1.2424Keenan Allen, WR
from California
The revamping of the Chiefs offense continues. The Chiefs will at least franchise Bowe and needs another top threat. Allen is a guy who brings a lot to the offense as he is a lethal weapon. Bringing Allen along with Geno gives the Chiefs new life on offense.
3.0163Jordan Poyer, CB
from Oregon State
5.01127William Gholston, DE
from Michigan State
6.02160Devin Taylor, DE
from South Carolina

Trade Details
1.24#MockOne: from Colts for pick(s): 2.02,4.02,7.01