Cleveland Browns

On the clock: Houston Texans, Pick: 7.41

General Manager: @brendanleister
Assistant GM: @thebrownieelf

1.044Johnny Manziel, QB
from Texas A&M
Pick made by Empulse per @BrendanLeister
1.1616Kyle Fuller, CB
from Virginia Tech
We targeted Kyle Fuller and made a point to trade up to get him when we saw him on the board in the mid-teens. We feel that he has a chance to compete with the other cornerbacks on our roster for a starting job early on. Fuller's versatility (ability to play in press or off-man, zone, & physicality in run game) and the fact that he is a great football player are reasons why he is so attractive to us.
2.0335Cody Latimer, WR
from Indiana
We felt that Lattimer's size, speed and physicallity well warranted this pick. Paired with Gordon, Latimer will get a chance to develop into a top tier reciever while not having to carry the load of the offense.
4.06106Jordan Zumwalt, OLB
from UCLA
By Empulse per @BrendanLeister
4.19119Terrance West, RB
from Towson
We feel that Terrance West is a great fit for Coach Shanahan's zone blocking scheme. We are very excited to get a talent like West in the 4th round.
4.27127Caraun Reid, DT
from Princeton
Brings depth to the interior DL. Nice potential as a rusher. Excited to bring Caraun Reid into the fold.
5.05145James Gayle, DE
from Virginia Tech
James Gayle has upside as an edge rusher. We look forward to developing him.
6.04180Carlos Fields Jr., OLB
from Winston-Salem
7.03218Trey Millard, FB
from Oklahoma

Trade Details
1.26NFL: from Colts for for Trent Richardson
3.19NFL: from Steelers for for 2013 fourth round pick
4.27NFL: from Colts for for 2013 fifth round pick
1.16#MockOne: from Cowboys for pick(s): 1.26,3.07,3.19
4.19#MockOne: from Cowboys for pick(s): 1.26,3.07,3.19