Dallas Cowboys

On the clock: Houston Texans, Pick: 7.41

General Manager: @Bloggingtheboys
Assistant GM: @jickesbtb
Assistant GM: @justin2jesus

1.2626Zack Martin, OT
from Notre Dame
The Cowboys War room waited with great anticipation as Zack Martin, the #9 player on their board dropped to them at #16 overall. The trade offer from the Browns was too good to pass up, and we rushed to turn in the card when he was available at 26. This solidifies the Dallas offensive line with 3 first round anchors for the foreseeable future.
2.1547Will Sutton, DT
from Arizona State
The Cowboys find themselves in the position to secure the last of the Pro Bowl potential 3-techs. Sutton had shed all of the weight that slowed him down in 2013 and his 2012 version would have him as a Top 20 pick. He also can take on doubles as the 1T, helping fortify a Dallas D Line that's in transition. Perfect fit of need and value.
3.0771Carl Bradford, OLB
from Arizona State
The Cowboys double up on Arizona State defenders as we land the fiery edge player. Bradford will play Sam LB and then move down to Nickel Rusher where his quick first step and bend and body control will fit nicely in Marinelli's defense.
3.1478Paul Richardson, WR
from Colorado
Dallas adds the pure speed dynamic that their offense has been missing. Richardson will stretch the field like no one else on the roster, and give Dallas a wideout corps to rival those built in NO and Green Bay; giving them every type of receiver possible.
3.1983Jackson Jeffcoat, DE
from Texas
The Cowboys solidify their defensive line with the addition of Jeffcoat.
5.18158Jerick McKinnon, RB
from Georgia Southern
Moar speed! Dallas continues to add this missing ingredient from their offense and secures the services of a Georgia Southern player for the second year in a row. McKinnon has a great resume against SEC competition (8.5 yards a carry) and has the breakaway speed that Scott Linehan loves to utilize. Plus, he's a crushing blocker, coming from a triple-option offense.
7.14229Kirby Van Der Kamp, P
from Iowa State
Yeah we did. We need an upgrade here, he's an upgrade here. This is what you do with 6 seven round picks. Booyah.
7.16231Ethan Westbrooks, DE
from West Texas A&M
Ethan Westbrooks still available? Hahaha, see you in 2 years, NFC East quarterbacks. Developmental dude with serious upside as an edge player.
7.23238Gabe Ikard, C
from Oklahoma
Perfect ZBS Center to back up Frederick
7.33248Jay Bromley, DT
from Syracuse
another interior disrupter for the Cowboys to join the rotation. Love it.
7.36251Chris Whaley, DT
from Texas
Former running back from U of Texas that converts to DT... hmmmmm... Melton! Blew out his knee in November and has little experience as a defensive guy, but showed his propensity to be a playmaker with 2 defensive TDs. So stash him to get healthy and reap rewards next year.
7.39254Denicos Allen, OLB
from Michigan State
Pick No. 12 - it's a wrap folks! Speedy linebacker to add to the rotation; see if he can stick.

Trade Details
7.14NFL: from Bears for for Dante Rosario
7.23NFL: from Chiefs for for 2014 sixth round pick
1.26#MockOne: from Browns for pick(s): 1.16,4.19
3.07#MockOne: from Browns for pick(s): 1.16,4.19
3.19#MockOne: from Browns for pick(s): 1.16,4.19