Jacksonville Jaguars

On the clock: Houston Texans, Pick: 7.41

General Manager: @themcwale
Assistant GM: @TweetlessPeek
Assistant GM: @aSabotageItis
Assistant GM: @ZhochZeus

1.066Sammy Watkins, WR
from Clemson
After trying to field trade offers and one being rejected, the Jaguars decided to add playmaking wide receiver Sammy Watkins.
2.0739Louis Nix, DT
from Notre Dame
Hometown kid with defensive superstar written all over him. 1Tech defensive tackle to add into rotation in his rookie year.
3.0468David Yankey, OG
from Stanford
Don't know how he was still on the board, but hey. We'll take him.
3.0670Trent Murphy, DE
from Stanford
Can be groomed into a solid LEO.
3.2286Telvin Smith, OLB
from Florida State
4.14114Travis Swanson, C
from Arkansas
O-Line transformation complete. Started all 50 games at Arkansas. Can make line adjustments. Ready to rock and roll.
5.04144A.J. McCarron, QB
from Alabama
He had to be punished for that disturbing chest tattoo. But don't get it twisted, we've grabbed a very accomplished QB who has the potential to be a starter in the future for us.
5.10150Isaiah Crowell, RB
from Alabama State
Crowell has all of the ability in the world to be a star running back, but character issues raised some flags. He'll be a good fit in the rotation behind Gerhart, Toddman and Robinson.
5.19159Ronald Powell, OLB
from Florida
Needs some work, but can be groomed into a solid starter. Talented but inconsistent.
6.29205George Uko, DT
from Southern California
7.07222Ryan Grant, WR
from Tulane

Trade Details
4.14NFL: from Ravens for for Eugene Monroe
5.10NFL: from Lions for for Mike Thomas
5.19NFL: from Ravens for for Eugene Monroe
6.29NFL: from 49ers for for Blaine Gabbert
1.06#MockOne: from Falcons for pick(s): 1.03
3.04#MockOne: from Falcons for pick(s): 1.03
3.22#MockOne: from Eagles for pick(s): 4.05,6.03