2014 Draft Order

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Round 1
1.011Houston Texans
1.022St. Louis Ramsfrom Washingtonmulit-pick trade in 2012 which allowed Redskins to draft RG3
1.033Atlanta Falcons
1.044Cleveland Browns
1.055Oakland Raiders
1.066Jacksonville Jaguars
1.077San Francisco 49ers
1.088Miami Dolphins
1.099Chicago Bears
1.1010Detroit Lions
1.1111Cincinnati Bengals
1.1212New York Giants
1.1313St. Louis Rams
1.1414Buffalo Bills
1.1515Pittsburgh Steelers
1.1616Cleveland Browns
1.1717Minnesota Vikings
1.1818New York Jets
1.1919Baltimore Ravens
1.2020Arizona Cardinals
1.2121Green Bay Packers
1.2222Philadelphia Eagles
1.2323Denver Broncos
1.2424Tennessee Titans
1.2525SanDiego Chargers
1.2626Dallas Cowboysfrom Indianapolisfor Trent Richardson
1.2727Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1.2828Detroit Lions
1.2929Kansas City Chiefs
1.3030New Orleans Saints
1.3131New England Patriots
1.3232Atlanta Falcons
Round 2Back To Top
2.0133Houston Texans
2.0234San Francisco 49ers
2.0335Cleveland Browns
2.0436Arizona Cardinals
2.0537Seattle Seahawks
2.0638Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2.0739Jacksonville Jaguars
2.0840Baltimore Ravens
2.0941Buffalo Bills
2.1042Tennessee Titans
2.1143New York Giants
2.1244St. Louis Rams
2.1345Carolina Panthers
2.1446Pittsburgh Steelers
2.1547Dallas Cowboys
2.1648Minnesota Vikings
2.1749New York Jets
2.1850Minnesota Vikings
2.1951Chicago Bears
2.2052Oakland Raiders
2.2153Green Bay Packers
2.2254Philadelphia Eagles
2.2355Tennessee Titans
2.2456Tampa Bay Buccaneersfrom Kansas Cityfor Alex Smith
2.2557SanDiego Chargers
2.2658New Orleans Saints
2.2759Indianapolis Colts
2.2860Carolina Panthers
2.2961Washington Redskins
2.3062New England Patriots
2.3163Denver Broncos
2.3264St. Louis Rams
Round 3Back To Top
3.0165New York Jets
3.0266Washington Redskins
3.0367Oakland Raiders
3.0468Jacksonville Jaguars
3.0569Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3.0670Jacksonville Jaguars
3.0771Dallas Cowboys
3.0872Minnesota Vikings
3.0973Buffalo Bills
3.1074New York Giants
3.1175Cincinnati Bengals
3.1276Carolina Panthers
3.1377Washington Redskinsfrom Tennesseemulit-pick trade in 2013
3.1478Dallas Cowboys
3.1579Baltimore Ravens
3.1680Houston Texans
3.1781Miami Dolphins
3.1882Buffalo Bills
3.1983Dallas Cowboysfrom Pittsburgh for 2013 fourth round pick
3.2084Arizona Cardinals
3.2185Green Bay Packers
3.2286Jacksonville Jaguars
3.2387Kansas City Chiefs
3.2488Seattle Seahawks
3.2589SanDiego Chargers
3.2690Indianapolis Colts
3.2791New Orleans Saints
3.2892Detroit Lions
3.2993New England Patriots
3.3094San Francisco 49ers
3.3195Kansas City Chiefs
3.3296Minnesota Vikingsfrom Seattlefor Percy Harvin
3.3397Pittsburgh Steelerscompensatory pick
3.3498Green Bay Packerscompensatory pick
3.3599Baltimore Ravenscompensatory pick
3.36100San Francisco 49erscompensatory pick
Round 4Back To Top
4.01101Houston Texans
4.02102Washington Redskins
4.03103Atlanta Falcons
4.04104Houston Texansfrom Tampa Bayfor Darrelle Revis
4.05105Philadelphia Eagles
4.06106Cleveland Browns
4.07107Oakland Raiders
4.08108Minnesota Vikings
4.09109Buffalo Bills
4.10110St. Louis Rams
4.11111Detroit Lions
4.12112Tennessee Titans
4.13113New York Giants
4.14114Jacksonville Jaguarsfrom Baltimorefor Eugene Monroe
4.15115New York Jets
4.16116Miami Dolphins
4.17117Chicago Bears
4.18118Pittsburgh Steelers
4.19119Cleveland Browns
4.20120Oakland Raiders
4.21121Green Bay Packers
4.22122Philadelphia Eagles
4.23123Cincinnati Bengals
4.24124Kansas City Chiefs
4.25125SanDiego Chargers
4.26126New Orleans Saints
4.27127Cleveland Brownsfrom Indianapolisfor 2013 fifth round pick
4.28128Carolina Panthers
4.29129San Francisco 49ers
4.30130New England Patriots
4.31131Denver Broncos
4.32132Seattle Seahawks
4.33133Detroit Lionscompensatory pick
4.34134Baltimore Ravenscompensatory pick
4.35135Houston Texanscompensatory pick
4.36136Detroit Lionscompensatory pick
4.37137New York Jetscompensatory pick
4.38138Baltimore Ravenscompensatory pick
4.39139Atlanta Falconscompensatory pick
4.40140New England Patriotscompensatory pick
Round 5Back To Top
5.01141Houston Texans
5.02142Washington Redskins
5.03143New Orleans Saints
5.04144Jacksonville Jaguars
5.05145Cleveland Browns
5.06146Seattle Seahawksfrom Oaklandfor Matt Flynn
5.07147Seattle Seahawks
5.08148Minnesota Vikings
5.09149Buffalo Bills
5.10150Jacksonville Jaguarsfrom Detroitfor Mike Thomas
5.11151Tennessee Titans
5.12152New York Giants
5.13153St. Louis Rams
5.14154New York Jets
5.15155Miami Dolphins
5.16156Chicago Bears
5.17157Pittsburgh Steelers
5.18158Dallas Cowboys
5.19159Jacksonville Jaguarsfrom Baltimorefor Eugene Monroe
5.20160Arizona Cardinals
5.21161Green Bay Packers
5.22162Philadelphia Eagles
5.23163New England Patriots
5.24164Seattle Seahawks
5.25165SanDiego Chargers
5.26166Indianapolis Colts
5.27167New Orleans Saints
5.28168Carolina Panthers
5.29169New Orleans Saintsfrom New England through PhiladelphiaPatriots received Isaac Sopoaga from Eagles; Eagles received Darren Sproles from Saints
5.30170Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5.31171Denver Broncos
5.32172Seattle Seahawks
5.33173Pittsburgh Steelerscompensatory pick
5.34174New York Giantscompensatory pick
5.35175Baltimore Ravenscompensatory pick
5.36176Green Bay Packerscompensatory pick
Round 6Back To Top
6.01177Houston Texans
6.02178Washington Redskins
6.03179Philadelphia Eagles
6.04180Cleveland Browns
6.05181Houston Texansfrom Oaklandfor Matt Schaub
6.06182Atlanta Falcons
6.07183Chicago Bearsfrom Tampa Bayfor Gabe Carimi
6.08184Minnesota Vikings
6.09185Tampa Bay Buccaneersfrom Buffalo
6.10186Tennessee Titans
6.11187New York Giants
6.12188Seattle Seahawks
6.13189Carolina Panthers
6.14190Miami Dolphins
6.15191Chicago Bears
6.16192Pittsburgh Steelers
6.17193Kansas City Chiefsfrom Dallasfor Edgar Jones and 2014 7th round pick
6.18194Baltimore Ravens
6.19195Houston Texans
6.20196Oakland Raiders
6.21197Green Bay Packers
6.22198Kansas City Chiefsfrom Philadelphiafor 2014 fifth round pick
6.23199Tennessee Titans
6.24200Kansas City Chiefs
6.25201SanDiego Chargers
6.26202New Orleans Saints
6.27203Indianapolis Colts
6.28204Carolina Panthers
6.29205Jacksonville Jaguarsfrom San Franciscofor Blaine Gabbert
6.30206New England Patriots
6.31207Denver Broncos
6.32208Seattle Seahawks
6.33209New York Jetscompensatory pick
6.34210New York Jetscompensatory pick
6.35211Houston Texanscompensatory pick
6.36212Cincinnati Bengalscompensatory pick
6.37213New York Jetscompensatory pick
6.38214St. Louis Ramscompensatory pick
6.39215Pittsburgh Steelerscompensatory pick
Round 7Back To Top
7.01216Houston Texans
7.02217Washington Redskins
7.03218Cleveland Browns
7.04219Oakland Raiders
7.05220Seattle Seahawks
7.06221San Francisco 49ers
7.07222Jacksonville Jaguars
7.08223Minnesota Vikings
7.09224Buffalo Bills
7.10225Carolina Panthersfrom N.Y. Giantsfor Jon Beason
7.11226St. Louis Rams
7.12227Carolina Panthers
7.13228Tennessee Titans
7.14229Dallas Cowboysfrom Chicagofor Dante Rosario
7.15230Pittsburgh Steelers
7.16231Dallas Cowboys
7.17232Indianapolis Coltsfrom Baltimorefor A.Q. Shipley
7.18233New York Jets
7.19234Miami Dolphins
7.20235Oakland Raidersfrom Arizonafor Carson Palmer
7.21236Green Bay Packers
7.22237Philadelphia Eagles
7.23238Dallas Cowboysfrom Kansas Cityfor 2014 sixth round pick
7.24239Seattle Seahawks
7.25240SanDiego Chargers
7.26241Cincinnati Bengalsfrom Indianapolisfor Josh Gordy
7.27242Washington Redskinsfrom New Orleansfor Parys Haralson
7.28243San Francisco 49ersfrom Carolinafor Colin Jones
7.29244New England Patriots
7.30245San Francisco 49ers
7.31246Denver Broncos
7.32247Oakland Raidersfrom SeattleTerrelle Pryor Trade
7.33248Dallas Cowboyscompensatory pick
7.34249St. Louis Ramscompensatory pick
7.35250St. Louis Ramscompensatory pick
7.36251Dallas Cowboyscompensatory pick
7.37252Cincinnati Bengalscompensatory pick
7.38253Atlanta Falconscompensatory pick
7.39254Dallas Cowboyscompensatory pick
7.40255Atlanta Falconscompensatory pick
7.41256Houston Texanscompensatory pick