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On the clock: Houston Texans
Pick: 7.41


Founder, Brandon Nall, started out like millions of other NFL fans, mocking the draft on a scrap piece of paper. After hundreds of mocks scribbled on napkins and notebooks, Brandon recognized his obsession. He couldn't stand the thought of another offseason without meaningful NFL interaction on twitter, so he sat out to improve on his pencil and paper mock drafts.

MockOne was founded in March of 2011, when a small group of NFL fans together and agreed to GM particular teams in an attempt to accurately and realisticly mock the 2011 NFL Draft. The system, an archiac mess, required many individuals to monitor and maintain. Regardless of the mess, Mockone 2011 was a massive success. It spawned 4 editions, and reached 10,000+ individual NFL fans in one way or another.

Late in the winter of 2012 Brandon and one of his associates, Brian Bullard, decided to wipe the slate clean, and make a better mousetrap. After countless hours of programming, the current version of Mockone was created. While its still very much a work in progress, the new version is extremely efficient and easy to use. Mockone reached over 15,000 individual NFL fans in 2012, and was deemed a massive success.

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